Cool Kid Apps

I have been thinking about doing a kid’s app post for a while now, but since this blog is one of the last things on my to-do list, I haven’t gotten to it yet.   Since both my kids have been sick for the past 2 weeks, we have spent quite a bit of time with the iPad and I managed to get some screen shots of one of their newer games.  I love all the Toca Boca games, but Toca Boca House really cracks me up! I made a little video about the game, captioned with my thoughts.  I’ll post that video here for now, but sometime soon, I will update this post with all my favorite apps for the kids.


Freddy’s Birthday

Well, my big boy is 4 now.  *sniff *sniff   We had a little party at the house for him last night.  I really wanted to throw his first kid party this year, but I just couldn’t seem to make it happen.   He doesn’t know what he is missing, and he had a blast last night!

Way back in February, he saw a Micky Mouse cake while he was at the grocery with MiMi and Papa.  Every time they went to the store he would remind them that he wanted that cake for his birthday.  He got his cake and he was super excited about it.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Surfing Cake

Some of my family knows that Freddy has NEVER been a big fan of the Birthday song.  He used to get really upset (even at other people’s birthday parties) and run away crying in fear.  This year he almost made it all the way through the song.  It is probably the last year I will get to see that little sad face he makes.  Here’s a short video of the song…