The Morning Mess

I feel fortunate to have caught this mess making adventure before it was over.  You can see from this one minute video how quickly my kid can make a huge mess!  My estimate is 2 more minutes and the entire bottle of lotion would have been empty and half the kitchen floor would have been smeared.   I told him yesterday not to be wasteful with our special lotion because it is paraben and preservative free.  It’s like he didn’t even care.


This spot looks good.

My son loves to pee outside.  I’ve heard it’s a natural thing for boys to do.  Lately, he has found it extra amusing to pee into puddles – and with all the rain we’ve had, there have been tons of puddles!  On this particular day, the puddle dried up, leaving some mud.  He immediately took his shoes off and stuck his feet right in the mud.  After playing for a few minutes, he hopped up, like an idea stuck him.  Like any good mom, I decided to take a picture.


Good Spot To Pee

After he was done, I had to stop him from putting his feet back in the mud! He is so gross.

Easter 2012

First of all, I have to admit something… I didn’t go to church on Easter. A few years back, I got irritated with the over crowded-ness of Easter service and never went again.  I think it’s ridiculous to think it’s more important to attend service on one or two days out of the year, so I don’t feel guilty at all.  I read the reading to my daughter and I think that is what is important anyways, right?  Like, probably the most important?  I know most parents go all out for Easter, but it’s just really not my thing.  On the last day of school before Good Friday, one of the mom’s asked me if I had everything ready for the weekend.  Lol, I was confused and she probably thought I was an idiot.  I said, oh, I don’t know, I don’t think we’re doing anything this weekend.  She said, Easter?  haha.

I do still keep the tradition of an egg hunt and the kids both really enjoyed it this year!  Freddy actually understood that he was supposed to be finding eggs and it was very cute to see how excited he was when he found them.  Luckily, he wasn’t very competitive with his sister.  He still looks up to her and thinks she’s amazing.  He didn’t mind at all that she was getting more eggs than him.  I put a couple videos of the kids hunting eggs on my You Tube channel.

So, it’s been a few days since Easter and I keep finding jelly beans in random places.  I always throw out all the holiday candy my kids acquire, but I decided to let them keep a few jelly beans.  Today, Freddy was reaching under the TV cabinet (his typical gross behavior) and pulled something out and put it in his mouth.  I asked him what it was and with his mouth full he said, “jelly beanies mama”.  Ha!  Beanies?  I don’t know where he heard that, but it cracks me up.

Just Playing

Yay me!  My first real blog.  I kept putting this off because I didn’t think I needed another brag page about myself and my kids.  I am hoping to pretty much eliminate my use of Facebook and post all family related pictures on this blog.  I also plan on making another blog for school/web design information and work.  I’m thinking I’ll have to do one more blog for my girl stuff.  It sounds a little overwhelming and crazy at the  moment…. going from no blogs to 3.  Once I get them set up, it really shouldn’t be any more time than I am currently putting in.

Some of my family is in town this week from Indy, so I’ll try to do my first REAL blog post this weekend with some pictures of their visit.

Thanks for Reading!